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COH Goals - gain financial security

Financial Classes
Track what they do
Applying for jobs
Native application VS Web application - Want to control users access
Go Paperless
Get help and maintain a job
Track Output(attendees) and OutCome(Change in behavior)
Measures outcome by checkpoints - every six visits or so
Two Directors
Measure computer usage


Need calendar
Sign up for classes and add to calendar
Add personal tasks
Needs a picture
Daily Tracker
Volunteer - Create Users - basic view (possibly nix)
Daily Tracker for each user they help
Staff - Same and Volunteer - Advance view
Coach/Manager - Slightly less than admin
Administrators - Checkpoint - Directors


Get Connected Card - getting started
Wellness service - Base Data
Daily tracker card
Dashboard (clients side) - progress indicators
Classes to take
Progress Indicators
Contains portfolio
account info - User profile
Task list
View Picture
Daily tracker

Email Engine

Announcement for classes - auto mailer
create message and send it to a list


PHP - People helping people
Creating events - administators
viewing calendars
adding to calendars
Classes don’t have prereqs
When a user takes a class they can


Time out - 20 min (notification window)
See picture
Staff helping users
being able to use any clients account and track outcome
User status - receptionist dashboard
Logged in
Logged out
Logged out without Daily activity
Username - firstnamelastname
not case sensitive
same names add iterating number to end
Email Validator
Dead list
Report summary emails

Wish list

Adding job posts
Priority list for events (correlated with the users interest)


outputs - number of people that show up
outcomes - seeing improvement
checkpoints -
PHP - People helping people
Get Connected Card - First time personal information
Daily Tracker - Tracks progress of employees and clients activity of each day


Volunteer Role
Base Data
Included on the dashboard
List of classes and topics
Reception user status
Current Reports
Classes and activities

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