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Cottages of Hope Presentation - Jan. 16, 2013

This program is for two kinds of people: Those in poverty and those at risk for poverty. COH provides tax services and also advises on how to best use the tax returns. Financial advisement is a main function for COH.

Their computer lab consists of 10 computers all connected to the internet. It is an open lab so the clients don’t need to make an appointment, and it is not like the library where you get kicked off every half hour. There are 1-3 volunteers helping at a time. They sit down with the clients and do resume advising.

Their main goal right now is to track the clients that come in, and also allow the clients to track themselves. They want to track things like who are they, what are they doing, what is their purpose, what is their plan for success and how can we support them. Right now the clients are tracked manually. They also want the clients to be able to track themselves. The clients should have their own log-ins and be able to input tasks like job interviews and be able to see what they have accomplished and what they still need to do.

Those clients that make minimum wage generally don’t know how to manage their finances, so a big part of cottages of hope is financial advisement. They have budget classes and tax preparation services.

Things that need to be tracked: Contact info, preferences, interests, goals, needs, struggles. That is how they get on email and call lists for certain things like financial classes. They also want to track income, government assistance, outputs and inputs, classes attended, applications completed, hours in the lab, what they are working on in the lab, past employment information, interviews, activities.

Right now, the clients fill out surveys asking for all of this information, and then that is put into Access, and they are put on certain emailing lists based on their preferences. The more information gathered about the client, the better--family structure, income, public benefits being recieved. Outputs and outcomes-- and output would be going to a class. Learning something and demonstrating what you learn is an outcome. They need to track outputs and outcomes.

Portfolio - needs to track what they have done with cottages of hope. What classes they have been to, what they have accomplished, how often do they come, when is the last time they came in, when was their last interview, what were they working on in the lab, how many applications have they completed. The portfolio should also include survey data like financial surveys. Employment survey - includes their last interview, how many applications. If the clients are getting a lot of interviews but not landing jobs, then they need to work on their interviewing skills.

With activities, the staff needs to be able to pull up a list of activities, enroll clients, and also mark attendance. There’s going to need to be an activity table in the database where staff can add, edit, and delete activities.

They don’t want things hard coded.

One problem they are having is that the clients don’t follow up with them when they land jobs. The solution to that is case management.They want a tool to track case management sessions. In a case management session, they sit down with the client and make observations, ask questions, and follow up on things.

It would be nice to be able to send out emails to anyone who is enrolled in a task.

They need staff tracking. Right now, the volunteers and their hours are all in an access database. Some sort of login logout-state what their working on. The people funding the program need reports on things like how many clients are attending classes. They need some custom reporting. i.e. get information on certain activities between 2 dates.

“What kind of format do you want the reports in?” Excel is fine, as well as pdf.

He wants the ability to drop data into tables.

Wellness survey - not a priority, but would be nice to be able to make this available to clients and give them a wellness score based on their answers.

To track work done in the lab, have some sort of log in when they begin and on logout have the client complete a survey. The survery would go to the front desk and it would be reviewed when they checkout. The survey would include things like how many applications did you fill out, did you complete a resume, etc, and then that survey would be stored in their portfolio. They want to be able to see that clients are “hanging out” in the lab a lot.

The majority of clients using the computer lab are using IE8. The operating system is XP. They have money to upgrade to Windows 7 if needed. All of the monitors in the lab are the same size. They want the clients to be able to access their profiles from any computer. The website needs to work with IE8 and above. They do have chrome and safari on the computers.

“Are you expecting us to port all of the data you already have into the new system?” If possible, yes, yes, yes.

Bell and whistle idea- promote classes and activities when they login in - maybe a frame on the side while their working or popups. Maybe they have to click through some ads to get on the internet.

have a screen that displays the stuff they have done in the lab and they edit and confirm that data. So basically the log out survey....

Another bell and whistle would be tracking the clients computer usage, so maybe screen shots of their activity or key logging. Maybe this would be more of a third party software.

“Would you want something in their profile warning about innapropriate computer use?” We have a three strike rule. It would be nice to be able to lock them out if they have had 2-3 strikes.

“Are you dead set on having a web app, or would you consider having a native app?” Haven’t considered this possibility before. We would really like them to be able to access the app on different computers, so no native app.

What is a “Task”? The clients can create tasks like “I need to follow up with this employer” on a certain date. After they have interviews, they ask when can I follow up with you. Then, right after so that they don’t forget they can put that date into their tasks as a follow up and the app will remind them - they can view their tasks and get notifications through email or maybe texts.

The staff needs to have different levels of data access.

Case managers need to be able to see if the clients have had issues with inappropriate computer access, so that they can lock them out when they try to log in.

Another bell and whistle would be allowing the clients to store documents like their resumes on their account. That way if their at the library, or somewhere else, they can still access their resume.

“Should this application work for mobile devices?

A big problem the clients have is remembering their emails and passwords, so maybe we can have a field in their profile to store this information.

Instead of coming up with all sorts of fields for the client’s profile, we could just allow them a page of notes for things they need to remember.

Most important things -
Keep track of who the clients are. Tracking activities.
Case management tool - keep notes on clients.
Survey tools.
“Do you already have reports?” Not really, most of it is ad hawk reporting, just dropping things into excel

need to have the ability to access and edit things in the client’s account
based on their credential level. They also need to be able to add files like resumes or pictures to their account. The spreadsheet outlines certain logins with different permissions.

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